"Katy [is] an excellent teacher, motivator, helper, I can't say enough...it is worth every penny. Katy will keep you on track to a better life and teach you many ways to do therapy. Katy is a ray of hope in what can be a very dark time in most peoples lives when a tragic life event happens."

Greg T.

"I feel like I've been getting a lot stronger since I started working with Katy. It's been remarkable- it's been a long but good recovery. Katy is easy to work with."

Mike I.

"Katy was very sincere and personable. There was an immediate mutual admiration. Being 'lonely' is a big problem for me and might be with other clients! I [wish] could utilize Katy more! My other [past Physical Therapists] were never as caring as Katy is...a fine line between personable and 'just a job' maybe? Refereshing Katy!!!!"

Elaine D.

"Katy is very personable. She tries very hard in helping you meet your goals. She was always on time and made sure she was there to help you. I would recommend Katy for any type of job becuase I know she would do well at it."

Kim P.