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Welcome to the Chaos that is my Mind

Welcome to the inner workings of my mind.

Even my kid's along for the ride.

Even my kid’s along for the ride.

My husband calls it a “scary place,” mostly because my brain just works differently than his. For instance, when in a conversation, he moves linearly from one topic to the next (or actually he usually just listens; #introvertproblems).

However, I tend to be like a secretary from back when people actually used filing cabinets. I will be looking for something in the drawer I opened, only to have that reflect closely to something two drawers over, which reminds me of something from the back room, and then a story from when I was five, and it all leads to a quote I have written down in that big pile of things I still have to go through tucked away in the second bedroom. It’s logical to me how I got there, which is all that matters.

I’m glad you’re joining me in my crazy.

Actually the way my brain works fits absolutely perfectly with how this blog will run. Nonsensical? A little. Passionate? Heck yes. Orderly and predictable? Not even a bit. Full of pondering, teaching what I’m learning , and craziness? Ding ding ding.

You see, I’ve really be embracing how I’ve been designed. It’s pretty fun to love yourself enough to put your true self out there.

And if this blog can reflect that and maybe help others to embrace their design? Well that would be wonderful.

I’ve tried to blog in the past (two times actually) but just got stuck since I can’t be restrained to one topic. I’m realizing this blog is not meant to be (restrained that is), since I’m not that way either. And you know what? It just feels right.

So, welcome! I hope you enjoy my musings and share what you are pondering as well.

Consider it Joy,