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Review of One Strong Mama- Why EVERY Pregnant Mama Should Own It!

I am going to preface this review by quickly explaining how picky I am about recommendations of exercise programs, DVDs, and other things where the professional is not in the room, able to see your movement and correct to prevent injury. Basically, I do not recommend anything of this nature because there is often disregard of any risk of injury and there is almost never an actual explanation on how to do a movement. I could do an entire post on this, but just know as an exercise physiologist I am not at all a fan of the idea of all exercise being better than nothing, and particularly not “more, harder, faster” being the best for most individuals.

Despite my disclaimer, I bought this program, knowing that the quality of information put out by the lovely women who created One Strong Mama would make me happy to point clients and friends toward something while I was on my impending maternity leave.

It. Did. Not. Disappoint.

The day I bought it, I did my first video, and immediately decided I wanted to shout from the rooftops the goodness that is contained in OSM. I have heard a lot of not great (read: really terrible) “advice” and exercise info for prenatal and postpartum women, not only in my own pregnancies, but also as I look specifically for sharing with other women in my career. OSM was refreshing in the videos and all the content the program contains. It is just all so stinking good. I wish I had made it!

You can skip reading now and do a psoas release instead...

You can skip reading now and do a psoas release instead…

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