About Me

I, Katy Sudlow, completed my Bachelor's in Human Performance and Fitness with a specialty in Health and Fitness of Older Adults in 2011. This background of education and competing in college volleyball led me to find healing in both a much deeper relationship with God and refuge through yoga during my chaotic college days.

Realizing my call to work with stroke survivors was specific after interning at the Mayo Clinic in Cardiac Rehabilitation, I decided to pursue this on my own after a very obvious nudge from the Lord in 2012. When I introduced yoga into my healing work with my clients after completing the Holy Yoga 225-hour Instructor Training in 2014, the results were obvious: yoga is clearly one of the best modalities for rehabilitation and healing.

Other Credentials:

  • Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine
  • Masters Holy Yoga 500-hour Certification
  • Adapted Yoga Certified through Mind Body Solutions
  • Pre- and Post-natal Holy Yoga Certification
  • Baby and Toddler Holy Yoga Certification
  • Trauma-Sensitive Holy Yoga Certification

There's More to Me:

  • I have a twin sister who specializes in elementary education. We always had to be complete opposites.
  • I found the love of my life on facebook. Yes, you read that correctly. We had a facebook wedding.
  • My socks are never white, and almost never match.
  • I am patiently waiting for my husband to keep his promise that we will get a dog.
  • I have a very loud laugh.
  • I love to learn. I would probably go to school for my whole life if I could.
  • I believe in the power of prayer.
  • I live with my fabulous husband and two crazy kiddos in a Southwestern Suburb of Minneapolis.